Daily Meeting Report

Friday, 17 May 09:00 – 10:30


NRO/RIR Reports

A surprising number of people turned out, albeit a little sleepily, for the opening session of the final day of the meeting. Representatives from each RIR (excluding the RIPE NCC) gave updates on recent activities and new initiatives within their regions, including Madhvi Gokool from AFRINIC, Paul Wilson from APNIC, Leslie Nobile from ARIN and Luisa Villa from Lacnic.

As NRO Chairman, Paul Wilson also gave an update on behalf of the NRO Executive Council. Ingrid Wijte of the RIPE NCC presented the latest NRO statistics, and Elise Gerich from IANA updated the audience on her organisation’s latest stats and figures. There were several questions around Resource Certification (RPKI) and inter-RIR transfers from the audience, and it was announced that German Valdez, Lacnic, has been appointed the NRO Executive Secretary. Candidates for the RIPE Programme Committee also made statements ahead of the voting, which concluded shortly after the session.

Friday, 17 May 11:00 – 12:30

Closing Plenary

The Closing Plenary session wrapped up what was widely agreed to be an extremely successful RIPE Meeting — and the biggest yet, with 524 attendees including 155 newcomers!

The RIPE Programme Committee announced that Mike Hughes is the winner of the RIPE PC elections. Olaf Kolkman presented on WCIT and international telecommunication regulations. Two lightning talks were given, including by Jaap Akkerhuis, Routing Working Group Co-Chair, who warned about the potentially dangerous effect of space weather on earthbound networks, and Vesna Manojlovic, RIPE NCC, who proposed an easier way to manage unruly mailing lists. Angel Blazquez, RIPE NCC, reviewed the RIPE 66 Technical Report for the meeting and promised to look into an IPv6-only network next time.

Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chair, closed the meeting and mentioned a few highlights from the Working Groups, including a proposal to start a new Open Source Working Group. After asking for audience feedback, Rob received overwhelming support for the proposal. Rob also reminded everyone to please send their feedback using the form on the RIPE 66 website. He also thanked the meeting’s sponsors and organisers, and invited everyone to the next RIPE Meeting.

Hope to see you all in Athens for RIPE 67!