RIPE NCC Services Working Group Agenda

Date: Wednesday 15 May 2013

Chair: Kurtis Lindqvist
Co-Chair: Bijal Sanghani

Time: 11:00 – 12:30

A. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
  • Select a scribe
  • Finalise agenda
  • Approve minutes from RIPE 65

B. Policy Summary of Where We Are
WG Chairs

C. 2012-08 – Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Independent Number Resources
Nick Hilliard, INEX

D. Introduction to 2012-07, 2013-04, and RPKI for PI
Axel Pawlik and Randy Bush

E. 2012-07 – RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Internet Resource Holders
Niall O’Reilly, University College Dublin

E.5 – NCC Services to PI Resource Holders
Randy Bush, IIJ and Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC

F. 2013-04 Name Resource Certification for Non-RIPE NCC Members
Erik Bais, A2B Internet BV

G. Straw Poll on following Pre-Policy Discussions:

  • All PDP emails, documents and websites should come with unified diff
  • PDPs should be renamed from YYYY-NN to RIPE-PDP-YYYY-NN-vN
  • All published documents and PDPs are maintained with git
  • All RIPE Documents should be plain text


Date: Wednesday 15 May 2013

Time: 16.00 – 17.45

H. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
  • Select a scribe

I. Report from RIPE NCC
Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC

J. RIPE NCC Survey 2013
Serge Radovcic, RIPE NCC

K. Internet Governance update
Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC

L. Registration Services update
Andrew de la Haye, RIPE NCC

M. Open Microphone Session