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Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type Date Added
Ondrej Filip Closing Plenary Open source WG application/pdf 2013-05-17
Vesna (BECHA) Closing Plenary Karma Server for Mailing Lists application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-17
Rob Blokzijl Closing Plenary RIPE 66 Closing Plenary application/pdfvideo 2013-05-17
Angel Blazquez Closing Plenary RIPE 66 Technical Report application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-17
Merike Kaeo Plenary DNS Amplification - Are YOU Part of the Problem? application/pdfvideo 2013-05-17
Olaf Kolkman Closing Plenary WCIT Takeaways application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Madhvi Gokool NRO/RIR Reports AFRINIC Update application/ 2013-05-16
Paul Wilson NRO/RIR Reports What's up? application/ 2013-05-16
Paul Wilson NRO/RIR Reports Breaking News from APNIC application/ 2013-05-16
Luisa Villa NRO/RIR Reports Lacnic RIR Update application/zipvideo 2013-05-16
Vesna Manojlovic BoF Atlas Community Meetup BoF application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-05-16
Jaap Akkerhuis Closing Plenary The sky is falling: The sun is exploding, duck! application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Massimo Candela MAT BGPlay.js application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Leslie Nobile NRO/RIR Reports ARIN Update application/ 2013-05-16
Nick Hilliard Open Source BoF/WG Open Source BOF application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Kaveh Ranjbar Open Source BoF/WG RIPE Database Open Source Software application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPEstat Update application/keynotevideo 2013-05-16
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPE Atlas latest slides application/keynotevideo 2013-05-16
Chairs MAT Agenda application/pdf 2013-05-16
Martin J. Levy IPv6 RIPE 66 Dublin - IPv6 Measurements Panel - Martin Levy Hurricane Electric - May 2013 application/pdf 2013-05-16
Christian Martin Routing Segment Routing - Technology and Use Cases application/ 2013-05-16
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPE Atlas application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Gunter Van de velde Routing DDoS Mitigation application/ 2013-05-16
Ondrej Zajicek Open Source BoF/WG BIRD Internet Routing Daemon application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Chairs Routing Agenda application/pdf 2013-05-16
George Michaelson Routing Route Object Creation Issues application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Andrea Servida Cooperation Regulation on Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market application/ 2013-05-16
Marco Hogewoning Anti-Abuse RIPE NCC LEA Interactions Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Paul Rendek & Chris Buckridge Cooperation Internet Governance: Issues, Trends and Developments application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Patrik Fältström Cooperation Article-5 application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-05-16
Kurtis Lindqvist EIX Netnod update application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Patrik Fältström Cooperation e-ID backup slides application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-05-16
Andrew Owens EIX Building ECOSystems in Africa application/ 2013-05-16
Gunter Van de velde Routing DDoS Mitigation application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Dave Temkin & Marty Hannigan EIX Open IX - A Framework for US Interconnection application/ 2013-05-16
Patrik Fältström Cooperation Helmet application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-05-16
Brian Nisbet Anti-Abuse AA-WG RIPE66 Agenda application/ 2013-05-16
Gunter Van de velde Routing BGP remote Next-Hop application/ 2013-05-16
Daniel Karrenberg Routing IPv6 Darknet Routing Alternatives application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Bijal Sanghani EIX Euro-IX Update application/ 2013-05-16
Mark Stokes EIX LINX UK-wide peering initiative application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Harald Michl EIX VIX Update application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Vesna Manojlovic IPv6 IPv6 RIPEness Fifth Star application/keynotevideo 2013-05-16
Eileen Gallagher EIX IXP Landscape in Ireland application/ 2013-05-16
Mark Stokes EIX LINX UK-wide peering initiative application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Mark Stokes EIX LINX UK-wide peering initiative application/ 2013-05-16
Barry O'Donovan EIX IXP Manager Update application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Vaibhav Bajpai IPv6 Measuring the Effectiveness of Happy Eyeballs application/pdfvideo 2013-05-16
Nigel Titley RIPE NCC General Meeting Chairman application/ 2013-05-15
Thomas O'Sullivan EIX GRX and IPX application/ 2013-05-15
Michele Neylon Anti-Abuse Save Money Online Without Killing Yourself application/ 2013-05-15
Denis Walker Anti-Abuse Abuse-c take-up update application/ 2013-05-15
Greg Hankins EIX 400 GbE: The Next Ethernet Technology Evolution application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Bartek Raszczyk EIX LINX Engineering Update application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Axel Pawlik RIPE NCC Services Update from the RIPE NCC application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Richard Leaning Anti-Abuse An Introduction to European Cybercrime Centre application/zipvideo 2013-05-15
David Temkin & Marty Hannigan EIX Open IX application/pdf 2013-05-15
Elise Gerich NRO/RIR Reports IANA Department Update application/ 2013-05-15
Arnold Nipper EIX UAE-IX Update application/ 2013-05-15
Serge Radovcic RIPE NCC Services RIPE NCC Survey 2013 application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Dave Täht IPv6 CeroWrt against an uncaring universe application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Andrew de la Haye RIPE NCC Services Operational Activities and Developments - RIPE 66 application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Trevor Burbridge MAT Large Scale Broadband Measurement application/ 2013-05-15
Paul Rendek RIPE NCC Services RIPE NCC External Relations Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Michele Neylon Cooperation Cooperation on Internet Issues: The Irish Experience application/ 2013-05-15
David Kessens IPv6 IPv6 working group agenda application/pdf 2013-05-15
Matt Larson DNS Analysis of query traffic to .com/.net name servers application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Sara Dickinson DNS OpenDNSSEC update application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Christian Kaufmann MAT An analysis of the Internet interconnection density in IPv6 compared to IPv4 application/ 2013-05-15
Kurtis Lindqvist RIPE NCC Services Agenda application/zipapplication/pdf 2013-05-15
Kurtis Lindqvist RIPE NCC Services Agenda application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Peter Janssen DNS YADIFA : Dynamic Zone Provisioning application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Patrik Fälström DNS SAC-057 application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Tomek Mrugalski Open Source BoF/WG Kea - DHCP servers in BIND10 application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Randy Bush RIPE NCC Services NCC Services to PI Resource Holders application/ 2013-05-15
Randy Bush RIPE NCC Services Introduction to Legacy Services, PI Services, & Certifying Them application/ 2013-05-15
Marek Vavrusa DNS New DNS Zone Parser for Knot application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Niall O'Reilly RIPE NCC Services Services for Legacy Resource Holders (2012-07) application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
David Freedman RIPE NCC Services Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Independent Number Resources application/ 2013-05-15
Anand Buddhdev DNS RIPE NCC DNS Update application/ 2013-05-15
Ingrid Wijte NRO/RIR Reports NRO Statistics application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Piotr Strzyżewski Database (to) PDP or not (to) PDP application/ 2013-05-15
Stephan Rutten DNS DNS Abuse application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Tore Anderson Address Policy No Need application/pdfvideo 2013-05-15
Emilio Madaio Address Policy Current Policy Topics application/ 2013-05-15
Randy Bush Plenary On the Suitability of ping to Measure Latency application/ 2013-05-15
Kaveh Ranjbar/Denis Walker Database RIPE Database Update application/ 2013-05-14
Gert Doering Address Policy APWG steering slides application/pdfvideo 2013-05-14
Nigel Titley Database Action overview application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.documentapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-14
Andrea Cima Address Policy Registration Services Feedback application/ 2013-05-14
Erik Bais RIPE NCC Services 2013-04 Resource Certification for non-RIPE NCC Members application/ 2013-05-14
Niall O'Reilly RIPE NCC Services Services for Legacy Resource Holders (2012-07) application/pdfvideo 2013-05-14
Benno Overeinder and Andrei Robachevsky Plenary Panel: Seven Years of Anti-Spoofing application/ 2013-05-14
Niall O'Reilly DNS ENUM Status Report application/pdfvideo 2013-05-14
Martin Hannigan EIX Toronto Internet Exchange "TorIX" application/ 2013-05-14
Paul Ebersman Plenary DNS: Attack or Defense application/pdfvideo 2013-05-14
Niall O'Reilly Plenary Thoughts on "Community and Decision-making" application/pdfvideo 2013-05-14
Tomek Mrugalski IPv6 The Latest Developments in DHCPv6 application/pdfvideo 2013-05-14
Steve Nash IPv6 IPv6 Trends application/pdf 2013-05-14
Erik Bais Plenary ISC SANS - DShield request application/ 2013-05-14
Dave Wilson Plenary Virtualising our CPE with OpenNaaS application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-13
Tomas Hlavacek Plenary Universal Looking Glass application/pdfvideo 2013-05-13
Osama I. ALDOSARY Tutorials Wireless LAN 101 application/pdf 2013-05-13
Patrik Fälström Plenary SAC-057 and the aftermath application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-13
Job Snijders Plenary What’s Up With Poor Performance Towards MAC Addresses Starting With 4 or 6? application/pdfvideo 2013-05-13
Jan Zorz Plenary Best Current Operational Practices – Efforts from the Internet Society application/ 2013-05-13
bert hubert IPv6 Making an application fully IPv6 compliant application/pdfvideo 2013-05-13
Wolfgang Tremmel Plenary DE-CIX Apollon - Cutting Edge Interconnection for DE-CIX Members application/ 2013-05-13
Filiz Yilmaz Plenary RIPE Programme Committee application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-13
Sandra Brás Tutorials Improve your presentations application/pdf 2013-05-13
Marcos Dias Plenary Australia's project for universal broadband access: From Policy to Social Potential application/ 2013-05-13
Thomas Weible Plenary FTTx - Find The Technology x application/pdfvideo 2013-05-13
Manish Karir Plenary IPv6 Pollution Traffic Analysis application/pdfvideo 2013-05-13
Axel Pawlik Newcomers' Intro Newcomers' Introduction to the RIPE NCC application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-05-13
David Meyer Plenary Architectural Musings on SDN application/ 2013-05-13
Andrew Yourtchenko IPv6 IPv6 only clients experience application/ 2013-05-12
Andrew Yourtchenko + Daryl Tanner Plenary IPv6 at CiscoLive 2013 application/ 2013-05-12
Michele McCann Plenary Building a case for Africa application/ 2013-05-12
Chris Grundemann Plenary The Future of Home Networking: The HIPnet Solution application/ 2013-05-12
Christian Teuschel BoF RIPEstat - RIPE NCC's information toolbox for Internet number resources application/pdf 2013-05-11
Olaf Kolkman Plenary Innovation at the Waist application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-05-11
Olivier Bonaventure Tutorials Decoupling TCP from IP with Multipath TCP application/ 2013-05-10
Alan Mauldin Plenary International Submarine Cable Trends application/ 2013-05-10

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