Sponsor a RIPE Meeting

Offering your support by sponsoring a RIPE Meeting is a great way to increase the visibility of your organisation among the global Internet community. Your brand will be associated with a long-standing, professionally organised event that is well regarded by the engineers, top-level IT managers and government representatives who attend.

There are a number of sponsorship options available, and our RIPE NCC Meeting Coordinator will work with you to ensure the sponsorship option you choose is tailored to your specific needs. There is plenty of room for creative ideas – so long as they will help make this the best RIPE Meeting yet!

Social Event Sponsor – ± EUR 10,000-25,000

RIPE Meetings run over five days. Each evening ends with a social event – an integral part of RIPE meetings, and an opportunity for our attendees to unwind, network, and get to know one another in a relaxed setting. Some of the more lively events form the basis of stories and legends that last far beyond the end of the RIPE Meeting!

The cost of sponsoring a social event usually starts at EUR 10,000 and depends on the location and specifics of the event. Past social events have included boat tours, cocktail parties, receptions in historical venues, and formal dinners


  • Acknowledgment during daily public announcements, on the meeting website, and on meeting materials and communications
  • Your logo placed on the RIPE Meeting website, with links to your homepage
  • Your logo on the sponsor banner centrally located at the RIPE Meeting venue
  • Your logo on digital signage, animated screen presentations, on intermission slides in the main meeting rooms
  • Your logo included on all printed RIPE Meeting publications
  • Your logo in the delegate pack information
  • Your logo on the A5 invitation for your sponsored event
  • Opportunities to set up a booth on the day of the social event, display publications and distribute branded giveaways

Supporting Sponsor – ± EUR 1,000-6,000

There are a ton of creative ideas that supporting sponsors can use to make the experience at RIPE Meetings a memorable and enjoyable one for our attendees. For example, you could sponsor a barista to make coffees during the meetings all week, you could offer handy items or gadgets as giveaways, or you could sponsor technical equipment to be used during the meeting.


  • Your logo displayed on the RIPE Meeting website
  • Your logo on printed and digital publications and signage related to the meeting

Find out more and get involved

To discuss how your organisation can get involved, email meeting [at] ripe [dot] net.